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Advanced Microsoft Project 2013



This course presents advanced notions of project management using MS Project and showcases the software’s power and customizability to maximize its use.

Topics covered

  • PERT analysis functionality
  • Multi-project management
  • Sharing resources in a multi-project architecture 
  • Using acquired value analysis tools
  • Creating entry forms
  • Creating customized fields, forms and value lists
  • Adjusting resource availabilities, variable rates, distribution of the workload profile for assignments


This course is designed for professionals who want to improve their skills using MS Project. It presents advanced notions in project management and software power and customization tools. The course is based on the project management best practices recommended by the Project Management Institute (PMI).


  • Use PERT analysis tools
  • Create a multi-project architecture 
  • Use the software’s various functionalities to analyze the acquired value
  • Develop and customize entry forms
  • Customize the intuitive ribbon
  • Create calculated fields and indicators
  • Use advanced data extraction tools to create Excel, Word and Visio content
  • Use the plan fine-tuning functionalities 


  • Project management experience
  • Basic course on MS Project or good basic knowledge of the tool

Evaluation methods

  • Pre- and post-training evaluations

Educational tools

  • One workstation with a recent version of MS Project for each participant 
  • Reference volume 

PMP, CAPM & PMBOK are registered mark of the Project Management Institute, Inc.

Target audience

Educational approach

Development units