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Breakdown, Estimation and Assignment



This workshop helps participants understand and apply project breakdown best practices. Project breakdown is an essential technique that provides a better overall view of the project and helps integrate stakeholders.

Topics covered

  • The rules for establishing a work breakdown structure (WBS) for a project
  • How to validate the quality of a WBS
  • The links between the WBS and the project’s other knowledge areas and its environment
  • The role of the project leader in the establishment of estimates
  • Preparing estimation activities
  • The various estimation approaches
  • Evaluating the level of confidence in estimates and hypotheses
  • The importance of the deliverables/roles/responsibilities matrix and how to use it
  • Project staffing issues associated with estimates, assignments and capacity


This workshop is designed for those looking to implement the principles surrounding proactive and effective project management by taking part in a workshop that will allow them to try out the concepts taught.


  • Understand and develop good project breakdown techniques as part of an “integrated and cross-cutting” vision
  • Develop effort and cost estimates for the duration of the project, based on the breakdown established
  • Understand how to communicate resource requirements and assess staffing in relation to the estimates produced and establish sufficient links between durations and capacity based on a comprehensive vision of the project.

Evaluation methods

Structured workshop where concepts are demonstrated and applied to two case studies (business and IT).

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Target audience

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