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Integration of the AGILE Method in Traditional Project Management



This workshop helps participants understand how to integrate the Agile approach and aims to identify the projects—or parts of projects—that should be carried out in Agile mode within a project managed using the traditional method.

Topics covered

  • History of the AGILE method, why it began and demystifying the vocabulary (RAD, DSDM, SCRUM, FDD, XP, Crystal Clear)
  • Benefits of the AGILE approach
  • How to adapt to AGILE methods
  • Changing the paradigm of the organization—where to begin
  • The role of the client representative
  • The new governance of engineering projects
  • The pitfalls of using a mixed approach
  • The keys to success, an integration plan that helps your business accept and implement an Agile-type engineering project


The AGILE approach to project development and management is increasingly used in major engineering projects delivered at this time. Known under various names, including the LEAN approach or Design as you build, this approach undeniably provides benefits in terms of cost and flexibility when used correctly. 

In this workshop you choose the AGILE approach best suited to your project. To ensure your project’s success, you will plan the organizational and governance changes needed to benefit from the AGILE advantage.


  • Understand the various AGILE approaches to project management 
  • Select the projects that would be more advantageous to execute in Agile mode
  • Identify the organizational changes required to ensure project success
  • Implement an Agile pilot project


  • Awareness of project management
  • Knowledge of the project management cycle

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Target audience

Educational approach

Structured workshop where concepts are demonstrated and applied to a case study.

Days and pricing

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