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Principles of Business Analysis



This course provides a theoretical basis and helps bring participants’ knowledge up to standard based on the BABOK® and recognized business analysis best practices. 

Topics covered

This course is based on version 2.0 of the reference book for business analysts (BABOK®) and covers all competency areas.


This course is based on version 2.0 of the reference book for business analysts, the Business Analysis Book of Knowledge (BABOK®), and provides an overview of competency areas with a particular focus on the basic principles and more value-added aspects for professionals interested in learning about business analysis concepts.

1. Raising awareness of the various roles of business analysts

2. Describing the competencies of business analysts

3. Identifying business analysis best practices

4. Raising awareness of the contribution of business analysis to projects

5. Planning analytical activities

6. Defining quality requirements

7. Applying the techniques for identifying the root causes of problems

8. Organizing and categorizing requirements-- By type-- By characteristics--By attributes

9. Applying best practices for prioritizing requirements

10. Applying key exploration and modeling techniques 

11. Applying best practices for documenting requirements

12. Applying requirements validation techniques 

13. Applying solution validation techniques 

14. Applying effective meeting techniques 

15. Applying group management techniques 


  • Transmit the different knowledge areas and the good practices according to the BaBok® (Business Analysis Book of Knowledge).

*NOTE that this training is an introduction to the principles of business analysis consequently it is NOT sufficent to pass business analysis certification.

Educational tools

A course manual containing the training instructor’s presentation and a notes section will be distributed to each participant. Several templates will also be distributed to participants and an electronic version will be available.

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