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Principles of Project Management



This course is designed for candidates interested in gaining a better grasp of the principles of project management, from concepts to general processes. Understanding the basic concepts of project management and the various considerations required to plan projects effectively.

Topics covered

  • Introduction
  • Fundamental notions and concepts 
  • The multidisciplinary approach and competency areas
  • Defining the scope of a project
  • The planning process
  • Basic notions in project planning: breaking a project down into phases, activities and deliverables; the various organizational structures (advantages and disadvantages of each); the roles and responsibilities of the project team; planning human resources requirements; estimating efforts, timeframes and costs; assessing and planning project risks; various project plans


  • Understand basic concepts such as the notions of project and deliverable
  • Identify the characteristics of a project and the project management issues by understanding the importance of a multidisciplinary approach and competency areas, defining the scope of a project by ascertaining goals, issues and specifications for the products and services developed for clients
  • Understand all of the key stages of project planning to determine the activities to be executed, the deliverables, the most appropriate type of organizational structure, the roles and responsibilities of those involved, the overall costs, the project schedule, the human resource requirements and the risks involved

Evaluation methods

  • Written assessment
  • Client surveys 

Educational tools

  • Presentations 
  • Examples and discussions

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