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Project Management Within the Context of AGILE SCRUM Development



Understanding how to apply tools and techniques beneficial to project management within the context of AGILE SCRUM computer development.

Topics covered

  • Life cycles: AGILE SCRUM approach and project management approach
  • Planning
  • Hybrid or extreme approaches
  • Project organization
  • Execution: progress tracking tools, team meetings, operating mode
  • Sprint control tools and techniques 
  • Risk management: risk analysis tools and techniques in AGILE mode
  • Closing: tools and techniques for wrapping up projects


This course is primarily focused on practice and is designed for professionals who want to better understand how to apply project management tools and techniques within the context of AGILE SCRUM development. This course will help you shift the way you manage projects from a “centralized and controlled” approach to an approach that is based on “results, collaboration and self-management,” depending on the type of project.


  • Understand the way the AGILE SCRUM approach works
  • Tie project management processes in with AGILE SCRUM development methods
  • Identify and understand the roles and responsibilities of all of the players involved in executing the project, based on the mode used
  • Identify the required governance structures and management committees
  • Establish and manage an AGILE SCRUM project schedule
  • Measure the state of health of an AGILE SCRUM project
  • Implement and interpret AGILE SCRUM management indicators
  • Identify traditional project management reflexes and shed the latter to effectively manage a project in AGILE mode


  • Awareness of project management
  • Knowledge of the project management cycle

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