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Projects management principles hybrid



This course is for those who wish to learn the principles of project management from concepts to the general process, have an access to an expert trainer and receive coaching. 

Topics covered

  • Project characteristics and the challenges of project management;
  • The importance of a multidisciplinary approach and the 10 areas of expertise; 
  • Project scope, specifying the objectives, issues, specifications and design of the product and services expected by the clients; 
  • Planning stages to determine the activities to be performed; 
  • the Work Breakdown Structure, the most appropriate type of organizational structure, roles and responsibilities, costs and estimated timeline of the project, human resource requirements and project risks; 


Course in 3 steps 

Step 1: e-learning 

To get a first look at project management without investing a day in class, our approach combines training in e-learning mode to acquire the vocabulary and basic concepts of project management. You have access to the module for a period of ten (10) days on your own. You will receive your access directly by secured email within 12 hours of your registration. 

Step 2: Web Workshop 

A 60-minute workshop offers participants an interaction between them and the moderator and answers questions previously submitted (the session can one on one). 

The date will be communicated directly by email. 

Step 3: Personal Coaching 

Each participant will have a credit of 60 minutes of individual coaching by web for a of six months period after completion of step 2 This will enable the participant to apply some of the knowledge gained in this basic course. 


1) Understand the basic concepts of project management and deliverables; 

2) Understand the importance of key process and techniques to use. 


Working in project mode 

Evaluation methods

  • Mini test 

Educational tools

  • e-learning and mini test

PMP, CAPM & PMBOK are registered mark of the Project Management Institute, Inc.

Target audience

Educational approach

Self training and coaching with an expert

Days and pricing