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Proper Project Monitoring



This workshop helps participants understand and apply the recognized principles of proper project monitoring based on an overall view of the project and sufficient information to maximize decision making and take the best actions required to meet established objectives.

Topics covered

  • Best practices in project progress tracking processes
  • Content of the baseline reference plan
  • The collection of project tracking information, progress % and measurement
  • Analyzing gaps and deducing forecasts associated with costs, efforts and projection over time, taking into account the project scope and change requests
  • Nature of costs depending on the phases of a project’s life cycle
  • Integrating change requests, managing formal approvals, monitoring requirements and managing contractual commitments
  • The communication mechanisms to be implemented to ensure proper monitoring and proper understanding at all levels
  • Project monitoring indicators and score cards
  • Project managers’ individual skills to align stakeholder expectations with project achievements


This workshop is designed for professionals who want to implement the principles of proactive and effective project management and provides the opportunity to try out the concepts taught.


  • Understand every aspect of the project to maximize understanding of the data for effective monitoring
  • Analyze and understand deviations from the baseline
  • Produce forecasts based on project performance
  • Analyze the various scenarios and propose solutions 
  • Produce a project status that includes the analysis of established parameters, forecasts and the solutions considered


  • Awareness of project management
  • Knowledge of the project management cycle 

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