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The Role of Project Sponsors



This course is designed for senior executives and managers who want to better understand and master the role of project sponsor within their organization from the viewpoint of responsibility and execution.

Topics covered

1. Reminder of the various stages of project management 

  • Review of the cycle and characteristics of the project mode

2. Role and responsibilities of the project sponsor 

  • Where does it begin? How far does it go? What is involved?
  • How does it differ from my current role?
  • Distinguishing my functional role from my matrix role

3. Competencies of a project sponsor 

  • Do I currently have the right level of competency? 
  • Which competencies are essential? Why?

4. Decision-making, governance and multi-project structure 

  • How should the project be structured to make the sponsor’s job easier?
  • Effectively linking with the steering committee
  • Understanding the importance of promoting good governance

5. Managing the relation between the project sponsor and project manager 

  • Coach, mentor or supervisor? 
  • Understanding the project manager’s reality and knowing when and how to help him
  • How to intervene in the back-and-forth between stakeholders

6. Understanding performance indicators to facilitate decision making regarding the management of a project’s multiple constraints (budget, risks, resources, etc.) 

  • The sponsor’s score card


  • Understand the strategic portion of your role as project sponsor
  • Identify your areas of responsibility and your contribution to the smooth conduct of projects
  • Understand the issues and challenges associated with this role
  • Identify the project information you need to effectively make decisions


  • Significant project experience
  • Management of a department

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